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As a gifted education publisher, our goal for more than thirty years has been to provide at affordable prices books that enable teachers, administrators, and parents to enrich the experience and life opportunities of gifted and talented children.

During this time, other companies publishing in gifted education have come and gone. All have experienced the fundamental truth of the market place: there are not enough gifted children to make publishing for them economically attractive to those who measure their achievement by dollars sold, units shipped, and profits reported to shareholders. The major publishing conglomerates now measure their income in tens of billions, and yet these companies do not publish in the field of gifted education.

There is not enough money to go around, and the gifted frequently do not get their fair share. The programs are sparsely funded when they exist at all, and many parents cannot afford to supplement. We have always realized that all too often the needs of the gifted have to be met both in the regular classroom and by homeschooling, and we have published books and curricula at affordable prices that make this possible.


English Language Arts Curriculum

Royal Fireworks Press are proud to publish Michael Clay Thompson's English Language Arts Curiculum.

These exciting and demanding books have been phenomenally successful both as stand-alones, and as part of a longer term, progressive English Language Arts curriculum. They are widely used in the regular classroom, in Gifted Education programs and for homeschool language arts. Student books and teacher manuals are available for each, and special home editions for some.


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